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Georgios is a multi-award-winning film director, producer, cinematographer & academic. Founded and incubated several companies in the creative industries and broadcast media. His film productions have been featured in more than 70 festivals all around the world and have received 40+ awards for Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Documentary, and Best DOP amongst other categories. Travelled & worked in 50+ countries for various projects & ventures involving third sector NGOs, NPOs, CBOs, and public and private sector organizations. Consulting businesses & governments in the last 25 years with their organizational performance effectiveness & growth acceleration via transformational leadership coaching, crisis management training, cinematic filmmaking & creative storytelling. Georgios is a Lecturer in Filmmaking at Swansea University, Creative Director at the Intensive Learning Academy & and the Head of the Media Suite Innovation Lab. He is also a strategic adviser to regional creative consortiums and engagement projects. He is the founder and leader of Not-For-Profit Community Projects for the sustainable promotion of rural areas through the power of arts and culture. Georgios is leading a team of volunteers promoting the culture, history, and arts of regions of outstanding natural beauty in Europe. He directed and produced a series of documentaries and cinematic pieces supporting AONBs. Enjoying hiking, adventure cinematography & outdoor activities. Devoted to nature conservation & sustainable use of biodiversity which he promotes through his filmmaking. Georgios has served as Creative and Art Director with Film Festivals and Creative Consortiums and he enjoys meeting and working together with similar-minded creatives through the international film festival circle.

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